About us

The Yorkville Jewish Centre - a social hub, event space, synagogue, learning centre, cafe, and Jewish cultural centre - makes its home in the heart of Toronto, at 94 Avenue Road. For years, we provided young Jewish professionals in the city with quality programming as the Jewish Urban Meeting Place. Now, the Yorkville Jewish Centre serves as a centre for prayer, education, social programming, networking, event hosting, and many other activities. Our goal is to bring Jews together, and to do so in the cultural, economic, and social mecca of Canada.

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Why We Exist

We are a group of social entrepreneurs showcasing Toronto’s best Jewish resources – communal, educational, professional – to create an exquisite collection of cultural and social opportunities. The core of the Yorkville Jewish Centre is its community. We strive to bring great people together over amazing experiences, and make those friendships endure as a community. We explore Toronto’s culture together, we learn ancient Jewish wisdom together, we travel the world together, we celebrate together, we help the less fortunate together. Simply, we strive to design an incredible life together.

  • Rabbi Joel Wardinger

    Executive Director

    Rabbi Joel Wardinger studied economics at McGill University, and received a law degree from the University of Toronto. After working in corporate law on Bay Street, Joel ventured back to Israel for intensive years of study, culminating in his rabbinical ordination. He currently serves as the Director at YJC (Yorkville Jewish Centre) where he is energetically building dynamic programs for young Jews throughout Toronto.

  • Rabbi Meir Dubrawsky


    Rabbi Meir Dubrawsky was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, where his parents served as the Educational Directors of Chabad of British Columbia. At a young age, Meir came to Toronto to study in an advanced Yeshiva program and has loved this city ever since. After finishing his studies in Toronto, Meir went on to study in New York and Israel Where he completed and received his Rabbinic Ordination. Rabbi Meir has done Rabbinic work around the world in many places, such as, Germany, France, Switzerland, Argentina, Uruguay, Etc.In 2014 he married his wife, Nechama, and together they have two beautiful sons. The Dubrawsky’s are passionate about bringing Judaism to Yorkville and connecting with the next generation. They feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to join The Yorkville Jewish Centre team.

  • Ilana Rubenstein

    Women's Inspiration Educator

    Ilana Rubenstein has been active in Jewish education and programming for over 15 years. Her classes are a fusion of the poignant and personal–mining Jewish wisdom for its relevance to our personal paths and struggles. Ilana has been a featured lecturer at the International Aish HaTorah Partner’s Conference and has had the privilege of leading groups of women on the ‘birthright for mom’s’ (aka JWRP). Ilana’s weekly Shabbat email, with her trademark style of turning everyday experiences into deep lessons for living, has an international distribution list. She describes her ‘most important job’ as being a mom to her 10 year old daughter.