The core of Yorkville Jewish Centre is its community. We strive to bring great people together over amazing experiences, and make those friendships endure as a community.

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  • “Yorkville Jewish Centre has been like a second home to me for these past few months. There is always something exciting happening, be it social events, workshops, Shabbat dinners, Torah classes, daily prayers etc. I have always felt a sense of warmth over here, and have formed my own little Jewish community.”

  • “Rabbi Joel and Rabbi Avi, are a constant source of inspiration, and they work tirelessly to accomplish the main objective of Yorkville Jewish Centre i.e. to see Jewish life and community flourish in downtown Toronto.”

  • “Women, Wine and Wisdom is unlike any other class I have attended before. Ilana is not just able to captivate a room but motivate and drive everyone in the class. My life’s journey wouldn’t be the same without having met such an amazing teacher and been given such a wonderful opportunity by Yorkville Jewish Centre.”

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